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About Us

Our company started out as a passion and morphed into the business it is today, nestled happily in Oxted, Surrey.  We strive to improve everyday and aim to learn from new challenges that may cross our paths.

In 2004 our passion became a reality when we launched our online cycle shop. We were making great strides so we decided to take a leap of faith by opening a shop in Oxted in 2009.

We started out small but we’ve worked hard over the last nine years to obtain quality brands and products.

As a local and online bike shop we do our doggone hardest to:

  • Offer quality products at fair prices,

  • Deliver the best possible service to our faithful supporters in the shop and through the web,

  • Be upfront and honest about pricing, parts and what is actually needed to be fixed (or not fixed) and

  • Process and dispatch online orders with the swiftness of the wind.

The Petra Cycles Team

We’re a hard-working, motley crew comprising Kobus, Chris, Tom, Josh and Alex.  Not forgetting, of course, the Saturday local minions who are eager to please and help.

Kobus, who hails from sunny South Africa, lives in Oxted with his wife, Alex, and daughter and eats and breathes bike stuff!  He has 20 years experience in sales and years of knowledge and experience when it comes to bikes.  He has an uncanny knack of remembering most faces and names of people who walk through the door and you’ll often find him going the extra mile to make sure you’re a happy bunny when you leave the shop.

Chris, also comes from the sunnier climes of South Africa and has the disposition to match. He has over 15 years of experience, making, mending and riding bikes and can occasionally be found pulling his hand-constructed trailer to a local campsite with his bike! He works his butt off to make sure he keeps everyone happy, from the distraught parent with a flat buggy wheel to the roadie with “sticky gears”, just about to embark on a marathon ride.

Tom, is a local Oxted-ite – not so sunny climes!  He has loads of experience in sales and years of knowledge and experience in repairs.  He is polite and charming and despite the fact that he appears to have an allergy to hair, he seems to have won the locals over with his can-do attitude and honest and knowledgeable approach.  Tom is an avid rollerblader with a passion for pushing life to its limits.

Josh, is also a local lad with a head for numbers and a calm disposition.  He is an all-weather rider and enjoys a vigorous trail ride.  When he’s not helping customers or assisting in the workshop, he can be found processing and dispatching web orders with great speed.

Alex, Kobus' wife, is a semi-local lass, hailing from Liverpool but spent most of her life in South Africa.  Cheerful and chatty, she can be found processing web orders, helping in the shop and occassionally cleaning the loos! 


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