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Customising Stunt Scooters

Click here for Scooter Customs Bonus 'how to' videos from 81 Custom.

Petra Cycles has been producing unique customised scooters from day one, they have been so popular, that the moment they are built they are out the door. Rare and in high demand these scooters command respect and a strong sense of individuality. We don't customise scooters for anyone, we customise them for you!

Of course if you want to customise your own scooter to make your ride as unique as you, then we sell all the parts you can ever imagine. You can either buy the parts bit by bit and fit them yourself or we can build your custom scooter to order.

All of our scooters custom or out of the box are assembled to pro levels and most of them can be adapted for trick use. Prices start from £125 on a custom build please call us or email us using the contact us page in the top right.We can build from any parts you find on this website. If there is a specific item you already own but we do not supply let us know and we can centre a unique scooter around this.

We Carry the following brands and parts:

JD Bug Scooter JD Bug Pro 81 Customs Pegs 81 Custom Bars Mutts Wheels Mutts Clamps Yak Wheels Grudge Clamps & Wheels Micro Scooter Forks Decks

When designing your own custom scooter you can usually change lots of parts, if you need any help or advise let us know!

Scooter Deck/Footplate
Front Head Section
Front Forks
Rear Brake
Handle Bar Grips
Compression Kit
Grip Tape/Deck Tape
Bolt Kit
Wheel Bearings
Front Axle Bolts
Rear Axle Bolts
Rear Axle Spacers
Wheel Spacers

Customisable and upgrading parts defined:

Axle Spacers

Small cylindrical washers which are located on the back axle. They pad out the gap between the inside of the deck and the wheel/bearings. They prevent unwanted movement on the back axle and make your scooter stable to ride. Make sure you remember these as it is easy to overlook them.


Come in lots of shapes and sizes , styles include BMX, T, Y and Back Sweep. Depending on the model of scooter, bars can be adjustable or fixed in height. On average the the bar height is 19-21" high. Bar are some of the most popular customisations and we stock the best brands and limited editions.

Bar Ends

Fit inside the end of the handle bars, on the end of the handle grips. These five some protection to the bars if the scooter hits the ground, preventing scuffs up and damaged to your shiny new bars. If you want to look after your scooter then always place your scooter upright if possible.

Bolt Kit (Scooter Tricks)

A bolt kit is required to fix a folding JD Bug or Razor scooter in the upright position. It is recommended to do this if the scooter is being used for jumping or tricks as it strengthens the front of the scooter and helps to eliminate some of the movement that you get as standard from the folding mechanism. Many of the less expensive scooters do not cover tricks usage under their warranty. So if you do want to do tricks you will need a bolt kit.


The brake is found on the rear wheel only on a spring mechanism and you can operate it with the heal of your foot. Petra Cycles recommends using your foot to brake when you are really moving. Using the brake regularly will result in wheels wearing out quickly and creates flat spots on the wheel. Pro riders use the brake on the scooter to act as more of a wheel guard rather than for slowing down.

Compression Kit

This connects the threadless forks to your scooter handle bars. We sell a number of different types of compression kits so do ask if you are not sure which one is suitable for your scooter.


Your are standing on it! Yes this is the main component that we build or customised scooters from. These come in dozens of different shapes, sizes and styles. Most freestyle scooter decks have an integrated head section which is welded onto the deck.

Double Clamp

A double clamp is a two bolted system which wraps around the bottom of your bars, by tightening the bolts on the clamp each one a turn at a time the clamp tightens around the bar and top of the forks to keep the bars in place on the scooter.

Flex Fender

This is a springless brake system for scooters. This type of brake reduces noise and has less wearing parts with no springs. With this you will get a quieter and smoother ride when you are out there performing tricks.


The forks are fed through the head section of a scooter, through the head section and into the base of the bars. The front wheel is attached to the base of the forks with a front axle bolt and can turn 360 degrees for whip and barspin tricks. Forks come in two options: Threaded and Threadless.

Front/Head Section

The front section connects the scooter deck to the forks/headset/bars. Some of scooters have this integrated / wealded to the deck know as a "one piece deck" On folding scooters like the JD Bug Pro Street have their head section is a separate part. This is less strong than a one piece option but can be bolted in the upright position to add strength. You should be note that Scooters with a folding mechanism are not made for aggressive use and damage whilst performing tricks is not covered under the warranty.

Front and Rear Axles

The front and rear axles are thin bolts that screw through the middle of the wheel bearings and wheel. They keep the wheels attached to your deck and forks, if your scooter starts making a noise you should start hear and remove dirt from the axle area. To undo these you will need an allen key.

Grip Tape

The grip tape looks like coloured / patterned sand paper like stuck to the deck of your scooter surprisingly it gives your grip on the deck! We sell it in lots of designs that can be cut down to fit any scooter. The grip tape is sticky backed and you can cut it to your desired shape. Once you have cut it to size just peel off the back and attach it to the deck. Just a tip, make sure you clean the deck first, you may need to use a solvent based cleaner to do this, so parental help will be needed here.

Handle Bar Grips

Grips attach to both ends of the handle bars and give your firm control over the scooter. Most bicycle handlegrips will fit and they come in foam or rubber. Rubber ones are easier to clean, come in some great styles and colours and are longer lasting. Some skate parts require grips with bar ends to protect the ramps.

Headset Bearings

These are what makes up a standard headset on most entry level/intermediate scooters such as the JD Bugs, Razor Ultra Pros, Madd Teams and more! Unfortunately they are normally the cheapest part on most complete scooters and like all moving parts will require regular maintenance or replacements. For such a small part they do most the work on your scooter.


Hidden internal compression is where a starnut is placed into the top of fork. A HIC shim is then placed over the fork, a top cap then sits on top of the shim where a bolt is then fed through and tightened down.

Inverted Compression

This form of compression involves a starnut that is fitted into the inside of the handle bars, a long threaded nut is then fed upwards through the base of the forks, through the headset and into the star nut. Tighten this up to give a really secure and direct ride for your scooter.


The standard compression system works by entering a star nut into the top of your forks, a bolt is placed through the spacer which sits on a lip inside the SCS and is tightened down. The bars are then place into the top of the SCS and tightened. You must not have a slit in the bottom of your bars for this system. You can cut your bars down by around 1/2 inches as using this type of system makes you bars 2" higher any way.

Metal Core Wheels

These hot wheels are constructed internally of metal rather than plastic. Metal core wheels are much stronger than standard plastic wheels and are designed for maximum performance on trick scooters and in skate parks. Available in 100mm and 110mm and in dozens of fantastic designs they put the "Plastic Core Wheels" to entry level shame. If you are performing tricks on your scooter upgrading to metal core wheels is a must.

Quad Clamp

These hot, four bolted clamp wraps around the bottom of your bars, When fitting you should tighten the bolts on the clamp each one a turn at a time. The clamp tightens around the bar and top of the forks to keep the bars in place on the scooter. These bigger clamps with their extra bolts give you a tighter grip around the bars.

Stunt Pegs

A must have for stalling on the coping or grinding in parks and on the street. We run with the 81 Custom and Madd, With our pegs you will have to fit the new replacement high tensile axle bolts which screw into the peg. These are much more durable and harder wearing. We sell everything as pack so no need to worry about it.

Threaded Forks

There are the entry level for most scooters. The top of the fork is threaded the forks simply screw into the bottom of the handle bars. It is an economic system to maintain and replace.

Threadless Forks

These pro forks are more expensive forks are made from higher grade materials and require a threadless headset and compression kit to fit onto your bars. With the compression kit you get a good tight fitting with no movement from cheaper headsets on threaded forks.

Threadless Headset

You can use these headsets to upgrade from a non sealed headset or for use with threadless forks. It is possible to use a threadless headset with threaded forks by using one of the existing headset bolts to clamp the headset down. They can be tightened so that there is no movement or wobble in the bars.




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