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We offer bicycle servicing and maintenance at our store in Oxted.

All prices serve as a guideline and can vary depending the on the age, type or condition of the bike. Regardless, there will be a £10 minimum labour charge.  We will happily quote on any work required before starting the job.

Please note that prices quoted below DO NOT include parts.

Bikes can be dropped in during opening hours, Monday - Saturday 9.00am - 5.30pm


Full Monty Service


Our Full Monty service is a complete strip down of the bike to the bare frame. It includes the following:

  1. All threads cleaned and checked.
  2. All hubs stripped, cleaned, greased, refitted and checked for any movement.
  3. All accessories like mudguards and racks are checked and secured.
  4. Drive train cleaned and lubricated. All gears set and checked for chain and sprocket/cassette wear.
  5. Headset removed, cleaned, inspected and then rebuilt with fresh grease, refitted and checked for movement.
  6. All other fittings removed, checked for wear, cleaned and re-lubricated, replacing all cables and housings, should they need replacing.
  7. Brake blocks/disc pads checked and replaced if required as per customer choice of compound.
  8. Replacement of any other worn parts, should they need replacing.
  9. Safety check (all fittings/mudguards/racks etc. are securely fastened).
  10. Chain cleaned, lubricated and gears set.

Please note this does not include servicing of suspension and hydraulic brakes.


Standard General Service


Includes all of the following:

  1. Frame and forks wiped down and checked for alignment.
  2. Headset and bottom bracket checked for free movement and adjusted if required.
  3. Allen bolts checked and tightened to correct torque.
  4. External adjustment of all bearings.
  5. Lubrication of chain, mechs / derailleur’s and cables.
  6. Adjustment of brakes (caliper, v-brakes and cantilever) and gears.
  7. Wheel hubs and rims checked for damage and wear.
  8. Pump and inspect tyres for wear and tear.
  9. Visual health check (all fittings/mudguards/racks etc. are securely fastened).
  10. Brakes checked for effective operation and adjusted.

Please note this does not include servicing of suspension and hydraulic brakes.


General Service and Drive-Train Degrease and Report


This service should take place depending on mileage/hours in saddle. This service includes all work carried out for a standard general service (as above), plus drive train (chain, cassette/block, chainset, front/rear mech/derailleur) removed, de-greased, cleaned, checked for wear and re-lubricated. Recommendations will be passed onto customer for approval before any additional work is started.


BMX and single-speed bikes


Includes all items in a standard general service except the lubrication of mechs/derailleur’s and cables.


Setting Gears

£20 both

£12 for one


Suspension Servicing


To prevent voiding of your warranty, all new suspension forks still under warranty will be sent to the respective agent for maintenance.

£30 fee for removal of unit, postage, refitting and adjustment. This excludes the agent’s fee.

Where no warranty exists, all other forks can be serviced. Quotes will be given upon inspection of the bike.


Wheel Building


Please enquire, we will be happy to quote on any bespoke wheel building.


General Maintenance

Labour charges for various maintenance jobs are listed below. Parts will be charged for separately.

  • Front and rear gear adjustment from £20.
  • Non-hydraulic brake adjustment from £10.
  • True wheel from £10.
  • Replace broken spoke and true from £15.
  • Fit new tube or tyre from £10.
  • Fit new rear tube/tyre to hub geared bike from £15.
  • Fit new rear tube or tyre (covered in chain guards) from £20.
  • Fit new wheel (front) non quick release from £10.
  • Fit new wheel (rear) incl. realignment of gears from £20.
  • Hydraulic brake bleeding from £20 per brake.
  • Hydraulic brake service from £30 per brake.


Replacement of Individual Parts

Labour charges for the replacement of individual parts are listed below. Parts will be charged for separately.

  • Bottom bracket fit including re-cutting of thread from £25.
  • Bottom bracket fit for Hollowtech ll type from £25.
  • Headset including head tube inspection from £25.
  • Gear cable from £15.
  • Brake block or cable (caliper brake) from £10.
  • Brake block or cable (centre pull / V-brake) from £10.
  • Fit new derailleur (front or rear) including setting gears from £25.
  • Block and chain including gear set, lube mechs and cables from £25.


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