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Shimano Technical Help

When it comes to servicing your bike, you buy the parts and tools, and do the work yourself.

We sell the complete current back catalogue of Shimano spares at discount prices.


3 Steps To Finding The Shimano Spare You Are Looking For

  1. Go to the Shimano technical site. Everything you need is here from diagrams to manuals.

  2. Browse or type in the component name for part you are looking for into the tech docs search bar.

  3. Pull up the page you need and look at the exploded diagram. Locate the part number on the diagram and then copy and paste the part number into our search bar above. Often you need to remove the Y and hyphen.


Can't Find What You're Looking For?

First of all, bare in mind most spares are only available for approximately 5 years from the product launch date, with a maximum of 7, if you are lucky. If you can't find an old part, we probably can't get it. Conversely, if it is a new part and we don't have it listed online yet then please contact us and we can check and list this part for you.

Due to the high number of technical requests we receive (and the fact we are a small shop) we are not always able to respond quickly, as hoped, to your technical enquiries.


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